Brand Analysis

70. Brand Analysis

Choose a product you are familiar with and do the following:
Describe the product briefly.
Identify and justify the target audience. (There may be several but choose one for this assessment.)
Research trends that can /do affect this product and discuss how
a brand manager can utilise these trends to manage the brand and
ensure the brand is relevant to the target audience over time.
Using Figure 10.2, (de Chernatony et al. 201, p 382 ? also
discussed in chapter 2) identify the various components /levels
(generic, expected and augmented) as they apply to the product
you have chosen.
Identify and describe two new added values that a brand
manager of this product could apply to push the brand to the
?potential? section.
The assignment should be no more than 750 ? 1,000 words excluding
Please ensure that any research is referenced appropriately. It does
not matter which style you use as long as you are consistent in your
use of it.
It is very important that students use academic sources and/or
industry sources that are balanced, reliable and credible. These
sources must be correctly referenced within assignment and in the
bibliography. In particular, students must ensure that quotations
taken directly from other sources are correctly referenced and appear
in quotation marks.

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