Briefing Report

Prepare a brief report on 3 key employment relations issues for an Australian company about to expand its operations into a country in Europe or Asia. Provide suggestions for this company on employment relations management of these 3 issues. You Do Not chose specific Australian companies, but you Must choose one specific major country from Asia or Europe. (such as Japan) Marks for this task will be awarded on the basis of how well you have demonstrated your understanding of key features of the employment relations system in the country under review. Style and format: The report Must be formatted as if you were a consultant submitting a report to a multinational enterprise about to expand into the nominated country. It Must contain a title page, an executive summary, an introduction, followed by a review of the 3 employment relations (ER) issues you have identified, how those issues affect the management of people in that country, your suggestions for how to manage these ER differences, and your recommendations for HR policies to adopt considering the social benefit of stakeholders in that country, followed by your conclusions and references. Detailed information. Thus, Your brief is to prepare a report for an Australian enterprise about to expand its operations to a major city in Europe or Asia. (You choose one contry from Asia or Europe) Identify and explain the impact of 3 key features of that country’s employment relations system on a multinational enterprise’s human resource policies. You also Must be supposed to consider what policies the MNE could put in place to provide social benefit to the community where it chooses to operate. The following items Must be addressed in your repor very carefulyt: 1. what are 3 of the key features of the employment relations system in the country under review? ( such as education system in the domenated country 2. how would these features impact the human resource management policies of the MNE? 3. what suggestions would you make to adjust HR policies to these ER issues? 4. what initiatives could the MNE employ to benefit the host society? More importantly, your references Must be publised after 2011, and you Must find at least 3 academic journa articles that are published in 2011 onwards. You can also use websites as your references.

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