BUS4015, Unit 4 Assignment 1, IFE MATRIX

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In this unit, you will learn how to audit the internal strengths and weaknesses of an organization, including the major functional areas. The core operations of most organizations include: management, marketing, finance, operations, research, and information systems. An internal audit helps ensure an organization’s health and may help establish competitive advantage and strengthen bottom line performance. To do an internal assessment, strategists identify and evaluate internal strengths and weaknesses and formulate strategies for effectiveness. The process of doing an internal audit is an opportunity for employees throughout the organization to participate in choosing the future of the organization. Involvement in the process can energize and mobilize the enterprise.

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[u04a1] Unit 04 Assignment 1


IFE Matrix Scoring Guide. ( see attached).

This component of your project provides practice developing an IFE matrix. Identifying and prioritizing IFE factors fosters communication across functions and allows functional employees to articulate their concerns about the organization’s business condition.

Make sure to include the six basic functions in your analysis: Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, Finance, R and D, and Management.

Using the examples in Tables 4-8 and 4-9, create an Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) matrix for your project organization.

Gather a cross-functional group (or talk with individuals) to reality-test your initial assessments and use this feedback to improve your analysis. Propose and submit strategies that suggest:

What you think would allow your organization to capitalize on its strengths.
What you think would allow your organization to improve upon weakness.

Examine potential issues for stakeholders in their functional areas.
Your matrix should include a table and several paragraphs of text. When you have completed the IFE matrix, submit your analysis as an attachment in the assignment area.