Steps for collecting data:

1. Distribute a paper based questionnaire or Google form (use the template given by the instructor)
2. Get each respondent’s business card and attach all of them in the Appendix.
3. Enter the data collected into Excel sheet. Each student enters one particular case data. Use the template given by the instructor.
4. Apply frequency and mean analysis.

Report contents:

1. Title page with course title, course code, group member names, student no, project title
2. Page number on every page except the title page
3. Table of contents
4. Document format – Font type: Times New Roman, Font size: 12, Margin: Top/Bottom, Left/Right2.54 cm, Paragraph line spacing: 1.5 lines.

a) Introduction

b) The purpose of your document in a paragraph i.e. to conduct an assessment of strategic management practices and performance of the company.


c) Method i.e. data is collected using paper-based or online questionnaire. Mean values are computed for the sample. Write your findings in the Findings section of the report. There are two parts of the findings. See below.

d) Overview of Findings – look at the table of values. What can you say about the sample mean values? Which dimension of strategic management has the highest and lowest mean values?

e) Detailed Findings –Compare each one’s findings with overall findings. What can you say about each company’s Strategic management practices in comparison to the mean value?

f) Conclusion

Companies in the Survey are Jadwa Investment, Maceen Capital, Falcom Financial Services.



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