Business Case Summary

You will be required to hand in a one-page case summary briefing of a number of out weekly cases
prior to the start of each class and case discussion:
Your summary should outline the broad facts and situation from the case, summarizing the current
situation as it relates to the prescribed theme. Please note that you are not required to solve the case,
just show an understanding of the current situation relative to the Theme below.
These are individual summaries. The following schedule outlines each case and the required due
date. Please note all summaries will be due on or before 1:00PM on the required date:
Case Due Date Theme
Adrenaline Air Sports Sept. 26th Current situation and
considerations for Billy
to make this his full
time job.
Whole Foods Market and Wild Oats Merger Oct. 3rd Understanding the key
synergies associated
with the proposed
Clearwater Seafoods Oct 17th Clearwater’s
positioning as a value
add producer in a
commodity market.
GEs Imagination Breakthroughs: The EVO Project Oct. 31st GEs fundamental
change in approach to
an organic growth
Cervus Equipment – Harvesting a New Future Nov. 21st Cervus Equipment
growth opportunities.
You are required to use 1½ line spacing with 12-point fonts and the summaries must not exceed one
page in length.
You will be required to hand in an electronic version of your Case Summaries on D2L in the
designated Dropbox in each Lecture folder. Email or paper versions will not be accepted. The
electronic versions must be in Word or Adobe format and need to be submitted via D2L prior to the
start of each designated class.
These will count for 10% of your final grade.

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