Business Ethics Paper

40. Business Ethics Paper

Choose Either 1 or 2 and 3 or 4 and answer the two questions
Food companies have often been accused of targeting children with adverts for unhealthy products such as fast food, confectionery and snacks. Your task is to determine the extent of such targeting and its appropriateness.
1) Review the websites of three major food companies serving these markets in your country ( for example, one fast food , one confectionery, and one snacks), and collect examples of communications to customers.
2) Record three hours of TV programming on Saturday morning and note the details of all the adverts – the product , the advertiser and the target.
3) Assess the extent of advertising of "unhealthy food" to children based on this evidence – is it more or less than other products? Are children targeted more than adults?
4) Analyse the way that children are communicated to in these marketing communications. To what extent are advertisers taking advantage of the vulnerability of children?

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