Business Information Systems – Honors Project

Business Information Systems – Honors Project


Please write a research paper with the following parameters:


Part 1:

Search the internet for disruptive technologies. What are disruptive technologies? Describe how they change industries and consumer markets. Give some examples of companies that have created such technologies and distinguish whether they have introduced new innovations to the marketplace or if they have used an exciting product/service and changed the way it is used, marketed, or distributed. This section should be about one page long.


Part 2:

Pick a company that has disrupted an industry. Some examples are Uber, Facebook, Amazon, Rent-The-Runway, Waze, Netflix, etc. You must get the company approved by your professor before proceeding with your work. I would like students to pick different companies, so you must post your choice on Canvas to avoid working on the same company.


Briefly, write about history of the company. Then discuss its technology and how it changed in industry or market. Answer the following in your paper:


  • Describe the technologies used in this company.
  • Does this company bring a new product to the market or does it change the way an old product/service is used, distributed, manufactured, or offered?
  • What are the advantages to consumers, distributors, and providers, if any?
  • Do you or would you use this company’s product/service? Why or why not?
  • Where do you see this company in in five years?
  • Where do you see this industry in five years?


Part 3:

In conclusion, what is your opinion about these disruptive technologies? Who benefits from them and how?

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Your paper must be between 6-8 pages long in addition to your cover page and references page. Please use MLA format and include at least four references. You will be graded based on content, organization, research and writing.