Business law


Several in the class have asked for an extra credit project.  This extra credit assignment does not require research, but it will require a little thought.  It is not a group project, but one for individuals.  It is voluntary.
Think back over our course and all you have seen, read and heard about the business law in the United States.  List two concepts, doctrines or facts about the law or judicial system in the United States that you havelearned from BUSN 360.
Then use abouttwo full pages (double-spaced),to do all of the following:• Explain the two concepts or facts;• Discuss how they would affect you as a business executive in the United States; and• Discuss whether they are good policy or bad policy, in your personal opinion.
Be sure to write approximately two pages.  This is worth an additional 3% for the final course grade.  Please turn it in by Monday at 11:59 pm (pacific time) by e-mail to
Like: tort, personal property, contract law, common law, civil law, U.S. Judicial System….

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