Business Studies


The Case Study / Research Paper should be 4 pages, APA format, and have 3 references. The paper should focus on the case study titled The Company Man (Bottman, 2009).

Read, analyze, and critique, the case study. Analyze the case from an organizational behavior, and leadership, lens, focusing on organizational culture and its influence on ethical behavior in organizations. The summary page, the last page, should talk about how leadership can create an ethical culture.

A brief outline follows:
1) An overview / brief summary of the case (1 page)
2) Definition of Organizational Culture — define OC using the Robbins textbook (Chapter 16) or Schein, the leading scholar, and authority, on organizational culture, and leadership
3) How Do Employees Learn Culture? How Does Greed and / or the Need to Survive Influence Employee Behavior in the Workplace?
4) How Can Leadership Create, and Sustain, An Ethical Culture in the Workplace?
5) References (3)

in side citation e.g. : (Last name, Page)


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