Business Studies


What is the total compensation of the CEO for your company?(This can be found in the DEF14A report filed with the SEC) List the base salary and separately list any bonuses, stock options or other compensation.
Is your company union or non-union? (use google if not stated in annual report)
Have there been any large-scale layoffs or reorganizations in the past several years?
Has your company been involved in any suits or investigations relating to sexual harassment, employee grievances, or other employee issues?(Use google and the “Business Insights essentials” from the SCC library database)
Here is some tips for an assignment:
To find the executive compensation for a public company:
Go to the SEC website: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Filings and Forms (EDGAR) select
“search for company filings”
then select the option:
“company or fund name, ticker symbol…….” enter the company name (make sure the spelling is correct) in the box and click on “search”. If you don’t find your company try using the first few letters of the name.
That will list more company names.
select your company from the list
Scroll down the list of reports to the DEF 14A report. It might not be on the first page.
The .htm version is usually the easiest to read. In the DEF 14A report scroll down until you find the “Summary Executive Compensation” Table
that will list the compensation numbers you are seeking.
And this is an example assignment:
The Coca-Cola Company/ The CEO of the Coca-Cola Company is Kent Muhtar. The total compensation he received in 2009 was $18,813,013 but his base salary was $1,200,000. Muhtar’s compensation decreased from 2008 to 2009. His total compensation in 2008 was $22,421,347. His 2008 compensation was much high because he received a $4 million bonus and did not receive any bonuses for 2009. All other compensation added up to $17,613,013. Muhtar did not exercise any stock options in 2009. The Coca-Cola Company is a union company but it is an open shop agreement. Employees are able to join the union but are not forced to join. The largest layoff for Coca-Cola since 2003 was in 2007. The company laid off 3,500 jobs for restructuring in North America. There were other talks about laying off about 1,000 jobs in the I.T department, but no statement was announced directly. I could not find anything about a sexual harassment lawsuit again Coca-Cola but there was a discrimination lawsuit. Glenda Robertson applied for a job with Coca Cola’s bottling facility two times and did not receive the job. Two years later, she discovered that there were no black females working for the bottling plant. She is suing Coca-Cola for racial and gender discrimination; she has filed her complaint to the U.S. District Court states. As of now, no new information has come out about the case and Robertson is waiting for the trial. Coca-Cola has not released any information about how many black females they have working for them.

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