Purpose and aims:
students will research, analyse and critique an existing activism campaign aimed at addressing a social or environmental issue. Each team is required to choose ONE campaign from the following list:

Topic :White Ribbon – Campaign to end domestic violence

Once the campaign of interest has been chosen, students will critically analyse and appraise the campaign objectives, planning, design and outcomes and write up their findings in an executive business report.

Students are required to reference at least 4 types of resources in the group written report:
– Minimum of 6 journal articles (students are required to use scholarly and peer-reviewed articles) and textbooks.
– Newspaper/Magazine articles
– Company/NGO Websites
– Company Sustainability reports

7 references NEED


Q1. Executive Summary (5%)**

Q2. Background to the Issues (20%) (600 words)
– a. Identifying the problems/issues the campaign aims to address
– b. Defining the campaign goals/objectives
– c. How did the campaign establish credibility as an activist?

Q3. Analyzing the policy environment (15%) (500 words)
– a. Power-holder maps

Q4. Developing the strategy (20%)
– a. Integrated Strategy Maps

Q5 Implementing the plan (20%)
– a. Campaign calendars

Q6. Critical discussion of campaign outcomes (15%)

Q7. Conclusions (5%)



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