buy and sell second-hand text books to students


Assignment must use diagrams and important stuff. It must include this kind of information as discussed in the files attached
Task here:
You have been award a concession in the University to buy and sell second-hand text books to students. You are required to prepare an English narrative and a BPMN 2 compliant model
The process flow must incorporate following, at a minimum:
1. The acquisition from previous students in a course and resale of the books in good condition that have been specified by the teaching staff as required for that course in the next Study Period that the course will be offered.
2. The payment to the University of a 10% fee for every book sold as your concession licence fee.
3. The payment of 30% to the seller of the book(s).
4. The physical delivery of the books will be through a courier business like DHL or FedEx.
5. The process is to be as digitized as far as can be the case.
Length and Presentation:
This is a major assessment of INFS 5108 and to ensure that the minimum of 2000 words set for this assessment is satisfied, the narrative and the BPMN 2 compliant process flow will need to be of sufficient complexity and extensively use BPMN notation correctly.

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