Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere


In this exercise we will look at the CO2 emissions data for the U.S. and you will learn more about where the CO2 emissions in the

U.S. come from.
We’re going to look at the actual data, the numbers, but we’ll also examine different methods for visualizing data to see how the

method we use affects our analysis.

To start, we’ll use an online mapping system to look at basic CO2 emissions data for the United States. view the online maps

You will also need to look at the raw data. You can view the data here in a web page.

Please make sure that you submit your written assignment and participate in the lab discussion.
The Lab
Based on the maps, the data provided and any scientific data you are able to find from scholarly sources

Answer the following questions in a written document and upload the file below.

Which state has the highest total CO2 emissions? Provide a hypothesis for why this state has the highest total level of CO2

emissions. Is there some characteristic of this state that causes the higher emission levels? (State by State Total CO2 Emissions)
NOTE: in the past we used an EPA source for this emissions data. The data on the EPA site are no longer available. If EIA site in

the link above is also taken down please contact your Instructor.
Which state has the highest per capita CO2 emissions? Explain why this state has the highest level of CO2 emissions per capita.
(From the article below) Are larger cities more energy efficient than smaller ones? Do larger cities exhibit gains from economies

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of scale with regard to emissions? (Does Size matter)
Based on your analysis and other information you locate (be sure to cite your sources), what factor presents the greatest challenge

in terms of controlling global CO2 emissions: the increasing world population or potential increases in the average amount of CO2

released per person?