Case Study 1: The Red River Case


You will have a Case Studie to complete. Review the case and write a case analysis using the Case Study Template provided. Try to

keep your analysis to 2-3 double-spaced pages for each case. As with all of your written exercises and assignments, please use

Times New Roman 12 font, follow APA format

Case Study 1: The Red River Case

There is a raging river which can be crossed only by means of a boat. The only boat is owned and operated by a person we shall

call A (in order to protect the innocent as well as the guilty). On the same side of the river is a person, X, who is deeply and

sincerely in love with a person C on the other side of the river. X goes to A asking to be taken across the river, offering to pay

whatever the charge for the service. A declines any money, but agrees to take X across the river if X will kill G because they

shamed A publicly. Person X refuses, of course, but argues and then pleads with A to name some other price. A, however, remains

firm. Person X leaves, but returns a second day to seek a way across the river. A remains as adamant as before. In frustration,

X seeks out a third person, B, who hears the situation sympathetically, agreeing that A is certainly a rogue. But B says, “I have

other matters concerning me just now and am not able to help you.” In desperation, X goes back to A a third time, but only to be

met with the same offer for the trip across the river. X finally agrees to the price and kills G. A then delivers X across the


river as promised. X and C are joyously reunited, until C asks how X got across the river. X truthfully replies, “I had to kill G

to earn the trip across the river.” C replies indignantly, “Out of my life! I will have nothing to do with one who holds honor and

principle so lightly!” X, of course, is frustrated and desperate again, and appeals to Person D, who replies, “I understand and am

deeply sympathetic. I’d do anything I can to help you.” (The curtain falls.)

A= Boatman
X= Boy
C= Girl
G= Other person
B= Sympathetic person
D= Second sympathetic person

Case Study Analysis Template
Case Study Number and Name
Introduction Give a brief review of the case, including the main characters.
State the Ethical issue or problem. Who is/are the “moral agent(s)” in this case? Who is/are the
doer(s) of the action(s) in question ? There can be more than one.
Was what they did illegal? What ethical system were they
following? What philosophical school of thought is that most
aligned with?

Kohlberg stage of Moral Development What stage of Moral Development is each of the main Moral

Agent at? What actions, statements or indicators make you think they are in

that stage?
As the Moral Agent(s) did they: (Address each actor identified above)
Act with integrityProvide a high standard of serviceAct in a way that promotes trust in the profession or office

Treat others with respectTake responsibility
What would you have Done? Would you be content for your actions to be made public in the newspapers or on the internet?

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Alternative Actions What are some other actions they could have taken in this situation?Are these

optionsin line with ASPA or ICMA codes of Ethics?