categories of service that are called “Evaluation and Management,function of E/M modifiers

1. Analyze and explain the categories of service that are called “Evaluation and Management,” including the purpose and function of each category. Provide an example for each category. Evaulate and explain the three key factors and four contributing factors that determine appropriate E/M code assignment. You must also review the commonly used and applied modifers for evaluation and management services.  History  Examination  Medical Decision Making  Counseling  Coordination of care  Nature of Presenting Problem Time 2. Describe the function of E/M modifiers. Provide an example of the common modifiers. Your paper should be formatted as follows: You must provide at minimum 3 scholarly references.  APA Format o Title page o References page o 12 point Arial or Times New Roman font o One-inch margins o Double-spaced o Page numbers in top right corner APA Citations o Citing sources properly


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