Catholic roots of society

Answer Either Two Questions

Answer two questions
1. Church and State: In Au Contraire! Asselin and Mastron acknowledge the Catholic roots of society, but describe the sort of Catholicism practiced in France as “Catholicism à la française.” What do they mean and what social consequences result from this version of traditional Christianity?
2. French versus American Judiciary Power: Compare the place of the judiciary power in the structure of French government to its place in American government where it is a separate but equal branch from the Executive (president) and the Legislative (Congress). Do the differences you find in the French structure seem to weaken or strengthen the ability of the government to provide justice to all of its people?
3. “Le système-D”: How would you describe Le système D? Is there a similar system of doing business in Anglo-American society?
4. La SécuritéSociale. What stood out to you about the system of Social Security in France? Did anything surprise or impress you? Explain your answer.

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