Causes of violent crimes in low income neighborhoods in New York City


NOTE: Do not forget to section your paper and follow the order and page limits below. Use APA style for the whole work. Add the Sub-sections
a) Abstract:
[In 250 words or less200 min, include a brief project overview including (a) a brief statement of introduction to your project; (b) a brief statement of your project objective(s); (c) your hypothesis; (d) a brief statement describing your proposed work; (e) and a summary of results to date (if there are any) and a discussion of where the project is headed. (incorporate hypothesis in Abstract without using the exact same words from the hypothesis used on the body of the proposal)
b) Introduction/Objective – Brief introduction (no more than 1 page) on the general scientific relevance of your proposed research. Your introduction should aim to explain the basic science behind your subject of study/problem and why is it important to study it. It should also explain any technical details particular to your work or field of study. Your introduction must give your audience the information needed to understand the rest of your proposal.(state why my proposal is unique)
c)Literature Review – summarize the prior research on the topic (minimum 7 peer-reviewed article should be applied)
(At least 5 paragraphs)
(ONE good paragraph for introduction)
(also add a small conclusion of the literature reviewed)
(Note: Don’t forget to mention title, author, year of article, what did they study, what did they found (results), and how their findings help your study). This is NOT an annotated bibliography, so avoid writing the list of the articles. Suppose to be a smooth text of all of the articles, where you are reviewing their relevance with the aim of your study.
d) Research Question – Specify what the research will answer. Should include at least 1 dependent and 1 independent variable(Note: its 1 sentence with a question mark) (start question with “HOW DOES”)
e) Hypothesis –(show cause and effect, answer research question with hypothesis) A hypothesis is the proposed explanation or expectation of the phenomenon you are testing. It is an educated guess (meaning that it must be based on previous observations) of the anticipated results of your research. The hypothesis must be worded so that it can be tested by your research. Do this by expressing the hypothesis using your independent variable (the stable variable that doesn’t change during your experiment) and your dependent variable (the variable you observe-changes in the dependent variable depend on the independent variable). In fact, many hypotheses are stated exactly like this: “If a particular independent variable is changed, then there is also a change in a certain dependent variable.”] (Note: its 1 sentence without question mark at the end )
f) Population – who and what will you study. (1 paragraph)
g) Measurement – define what is your independent variable and dependent variable. Provide the definitions of your chosen variables (better to use encyclopedia, law dictionary, textbooks, relevant research, or official websites ending in .gov. Wikipedia is not accepted!) (minimum half a page)(define dependent and independent variable)
h) Data Collection Method – explain how data will be collected (ex: survey, observation, interview (phone, mail, online), official data) (minimum half a page)
g) References – Please be consistent in the format of your references. Use APA style.
GoogleScholar now allows you to get a formatted citation for your results in APA. First, search for your citation in GoogleScholar ( Under the title and abstract, look for the word Cite. Click on it and choose APA style from the list.]
[This section should be a discussion of your results in the context of the aims of the project. It should tell the reader what you were looking for, what you have found, what your results mean in the context of the “big picture” project, and where these results are leading you. Use figures/tables/graphs to show your data and explain them in this discussion (figures do not count towards the page limit). Do not include figures that are not explained. Make sure all figures include a figure number and a legend explaining what the figure is about.]

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