Character Archetypes

Worksheet: Character Archetypes of Frankenstein (additional) (Due 10/08) Return to: Module 5 (Week …? Write a brief description each major character, identify their character archetype, and briefly argue why this archetype fits. 1.Victor Frankenstein 2.The creature 3.Robert Walton 4.Henry Clerval 5.Elizabeth Lavenza 6.Alphonse Frankenstein 7.Justine Moritz Archetypal analysis can be very powerful. Take Victor Frankenstein as an example. 8. If we identified him as the LOST SOUL, then how would that change the way we view his actions? What about the BOSS? 9. Prometheus was considered the TRICKSTER. Can Victor also be identified as the TRICKSTER? What authority is he rebelling against? God’s? His father’s? his professors’? 10. Briefly compare Victor Frankenstein to one of the medical professionals from our readings. Submission status

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