Childhood Obesity and Fitnessgram Testing

44. Childhood Obesity and Fitnessgram Testing

I need you to write my Chapter’s 4 and 5 of my thesis paper. Chapter 4 will have 3 headings: Results or Data Analysis, Findings, and Discussion. Chapter 5 will have 2 headings: Conclusion and Suggestions for future research. I will upload 9 documents to complete this assignment. You will need to read my chapter’s 1 – 3 and know chapter 3 to complete chapter 4. Document 1 will be my chapter 1. Document 2 will be my chapter 2. Document 3 will be my chapter 3 of my thesis paper. Document 4 will be a sample thesis paper of chapter’s 4 & 5 from a former student. Document 5 will be a former students paper (ch’s 1 – 5). The paper is very similar to my paper, but his results will be different because we teach different kids. You can follow his format. Document 6 will be a Microsoft excel spread sheet with the research data: pre and post test data/results, teacher surveys, and student surveys. Document 7 will be the teacher and student survey questions. Document 8 will be the suggested format for chapter’s 1 – 5 (look at chapter’s 4 & 5 format). Document 9 will be the thesis paper’s guidelines for chapter’s 1 – 5 (look at chapter’s 4 & 5 guidelines).
Teacher said,” enter the research data/results from the Microsoft excel spreadsheet into, then QuickCalcs, … you have a control and intervention group so you want unpaired t-test. Also, she suggested we start formatting using our research questions as the bones – analyze the data RQ1 then RQ2 etc. Write introduction to the chapter saying what you did and describe the participants and sample and school and system demographics and the teacher demographics of who participated. Follow chapter 4 model sample I sent you and use the headings on the outline you have for the thesis paper.
Please let me know if you need any more information to complete the assignment or if you have any questions or concerns.
More information from the Teacher’s Survey:
Males: 3
Females: 2
Bachelor’s: 1
Master’s: 1
Specialist: 3
Total of 5 teachers
Years Experience:;
0 – 5: one teacher;
6 – 11: one teacher
12 – 15: one teacher
16 – 25: two teachers
Student Surveys:
What is different from the demographics in my chapter 3:
2nd period: 1 male student listed himself as other instead of African-American
5th period: 1 female student listed herself as other instead of African-American.

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