chronological account


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Write you response by giving a chronological account (time based) of your reactions, referencing the specific time segments that I list below. What emotion, story or scene do you hear expressed through the music. Be creative. Try to explain what it is specifically about the sound that is causing your reaction using musical terminology that we have learned in this course. For example: “The composer used woodwind instruments in a soft dynamic to create a mystical atmosphere. At this moment I imagined…” No information should be copied or paraphrased from any other sources. Please reference the following sections by their time codes as you write your response.
0-1:02 1:03-2:46 2:47-3:42 3:43-5:16 5:17-7:56 7:57-8:56 8:57-10:15 10:16-11:49 11:50-end