Claim of Fact essay


Construct a claim of fact essay which clearly supports that a specific condition existed, exists, or will exist. Do not include an abstract or executive summary.
You may select your own topic. The essay must be 500-700 words and include a Reference Page in APA format that cites at least two sources of information.
Consider the following questions as you create your paper:
? Does the writing have a definite beginning, middle, and end?
? Is the writing easy to follow?
? Does the writing capture attention?
? Does the writing state the claim?
? Does the ending give a note of finality or logical conclusion?
? Does the paper use valid facts, quotes, statistics, examples, and/or expert testimony to clarify and prove a claim?
? Is the data sufficient, accurate, recent, and reliable?
Document Design
? Is APA documentation used correctly?
? Is the format standard?
? Are citations in parentheses concise and complete enough to find the sources on the reference page?
Word Choice/Effective Sentences/Punctuation/Spelling and Mechanics
? Are ideas parallel?
? Are words added to make comparisons logical and complete?
? Do modifiers point to the words they modify?
? Is the point of view consistent?
? Are verbs consistent in mood, voice, and tense?
? Is paper void of spelling and mechanical errors?

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