Coaching Academy Specialist -Video Sales Training Course


Copywriting Brief – Video Sales Training Course We will shortly be launching a new video sales training course that consist of eight training modules and a total of fifteen videos. In addition to the training videos, each module will also include a Video Transcript and detailed Work Book. This high quality training course has been developed by Tim Meagher, who is based in the UK and is a professional business coach with 40 years’ experience in sales and sales training. The course is aimed at small business owners, with limited training budgets, who cannot afford the high-end fees for one to one training but recognise that they need help to develop their business and find new customers. Our research suggests that this course will appeal to Plumbers, Electricians, Landscape Gardeners, Solicitors, Accountants, Dentists, Veterinary Surgeons and a wide range of similar companies. The course will consist of the following eight training modules: 1. Prospecting/Lead Generation Made Simple 2. Making Appointments Made Simple 3. Making Sales Made Simple – Part 1 & Part 2 4. Successful Price Negotiation 5. Why You Must Give Guarantees 6. The 4 Step Guide To Creating Your Own USP 7. The 7 Greatest Marketing Mistakes 8. How To Develop A Positive Mental Attitude To find out more about Tim Meagher please visit This new product will be launched via a new dedicated website (currently under construction) using the Coaching Academy Specialist brand. Each of the above training modules will have a separate web page, designed to explain and sell the benefits to potential customers. Additionally, a “generic” page is also required that is designed to promote and sell the overall training course and will contain the relevant “Buy Buttons” to purchase the product. Overall therefore, a total of 9 pages will ultimately be required for this project. However, to start the ball rolling we have decided to order copy for just four modules in an effort to find a copywriter able to produce powerful and persuasive sales copy designed to make potential customers want to buy this product. It is anticipated that the successful copywriter will then be awarded the entire project. IMPORTANT To clarify, we do not require blog post/article style copy. We require unique and persuasive sales copy that is designed to excite and persuade potential customers to buy this product. The four training modules that you are required to produce content for are as follows: 1. Making Appointments Made Simple (MAMS) 2. Making Sales Made Simple Part 1 and Part 2.(MSMS) 3. Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) 4. Price Negotiation (Price) To help you have an in depth understanding of each module we have provided both a transcript of each video together with a copy of the relevant Work Book, (see sourcing requirements). Note that these are reference documents only and we do require that these are re-written, as mentioned above, we are seeking new and unique copy designed to sell the product. Please note that for the Making Sales Made Simple Module (Parts 1 & 2), have a Transcript for each of the two videos and just one Work Book covering both parts. Additionally, you can also watch each training videos via the following links: • Making Appointments Made Simple Video – • Making Sales Made Simple Part 1 – • Making Sales Made Simple Part 2 – • Positive Mental Attitude – • Price Negotiation (Price) – Should you require any additional information or clarification on this project, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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