Cognitive Psychology: Attention Span

The focus of this research paper is to take a closer look at attention span within cognitive psychology. This paper should be 8 pages including the cover page and resources page. **Note: use peer reviewed empirical articles on this topic (7-8 sources) The purpose of this paper is to give you first-hand experience with research in Cognitive Psychology. This means that I want you to read and digest primary sources (the original reports – rather than summaries in textbooks) of recent research. For this paper you are to review the literature in a well-defined area related to cognitive psychology. Choose a topic that you find interesting and make sure to narrow it down to something manageable. Be sure to formulate your topic into a research question that you attempt to answer in your paper. Read 7-8 peer reviewed empirical articles on this topic, review the findings, and discuss the implications of the research you read. If there are inconsistent results reported in the papers you review, try to resolve these inconsistencies. Your paper should be written in APA format (here is the link for a fantastic on-line resource for APA format: You do not need to include an abstract. Use proper citation style, giving credit to the authors you have read. Be sure your paper includes a complete reference section and that it is your own work.

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