Collecting and Using Business Data

Collecting and Using Business Data

This coursework accounts for 60% of your total module mark.
The deadline for the coursework is Friday of week 11.
You have been asked, in week 2, to start collecting data on a dependent variable ( Y) and three independent variables (X_1,X_2,X_3) that are related to the dependent variable of your choice. The number of observations (data points or sample size) will be agreed individually based on your choice of data set and the type of question/issue you intend to answer/discuss in your report. You are expected to use multiple regression analysis as a method to analyse the relationship between a dependent variable and three independent variables using Excel. All equations and notations have to be written using Mathematical Editor in Word.
The report should be a professional document, and should be organized under the following 7 headings. The headings cannot be changed and must be used exactly as worded.

Abstract- maximum word limit is 60 (05 Marks)
Introduction (05 marks)
Say what youare going to say/do

Description of Data (15 marks)
Discuss your data – the reason(s) for your choice and data source
Describe your data – here you can use the “Descriptive Statistics” output from Excel

Methodology (10 marks)
State and explain the model

Data Analysis (40 marks)
Run the regression and clearly explain the results
How well does the model/equation fit the data?
Can you generalise the relationship for an entire population?
Comment on the assumptions

Conclusion (15 marks)
What have you foundas a result of your analysis in section(4)?

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References (05 marks)
Materials used (books, articles etc.)

Appendix (05 marks)
data used (for example)