 It is a written assignment
 It must be submitted in the drop box on the course web site.
 It will be vetted using Turnitin.

Task – To write a business report on one of the two companies shown below. You are writing this report because senior management in

your company is interested in possibly acquiring this company. Your job is to analyze the information available on your chosen

company, and make a recommendation
Choose one of the following companies:

 Produce an informal report on one of these two companies.
 Report should be designed to persuade your audience to take a particular action (either to try and acquire your analyzed

company or not.)
 You are required to combine everything covered in chapters 10, 11 and 12, including report writing and persuasion.
 This means that AIDA should inform the development of this report and there must be a call to action at the end of the

 Pay particular attention to the AIDA structure and the direct versus indirect report structure.

 This report is to be informal (but that does not mean unformatted).
 It must be 1500 words or less. Beyond that, it is your job to make it readable, attractive and interesting.
 One (but only one) graphic can be included if it helps to make your point clear. However, there is no grading specifically

for the graphic.
 I use a word count limit because that allows a great deal of freedom in font, white space, headings and other aspects of

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the report.
 Finally, even though you would likely NOT include them in an actual business report, all aspects of proper APA referencing

are required. (Your reference page is not included in the 1500-word count but everything else is.)

The report MUST be in the following formats (WORD – .doc or .docxor Rich Test Format – RTF) Submission of a PAGES file will

result in an automatic reduction in your grade and a demand to resubmit. If it is resubmitted, it will be graded but the penalty

will be imposed.