Company Mercedes- Benz

Analysis of the corporate-level strategy of the firm (20%) * Industry – internal * – Identify the businesses the firm is in ( or is considering entering ) , hw they are related ( or unrelated), and whether and how they create additional value in their combination. Be specific and detailed. If it is unclear that value is created, try to assess why the firm might have chosen to enter those businesses. – Identify the global strategy used by the firm (if it is a multinational company) and the rationale of using that global strategy. What entry modes did the firm use to enter those countries? Were the methods f entry used ( or proposed ) the best choice given the firm’s objectives, environment, strengths, weaknesses, and strategy? Be sure to include any appropriate financial analysis to support your assessment. – Identify and analyze the firm’s organizational structure, control systems, or organizational culture used to support its corporate- level strategy and/or global strategy.

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