Comparative Politics of Latin America

Paper 2 – Paper 2 requires 7-9 pages of text, with an additional page for endnotes and reference lists, double-spaced in Times Roman 12-pt. font with one-inch margins. For this paper, select a particular Latin American foreign policy towards another state, or small group of states or non-state actors, and analyze it in terms of I.R. theory that you learned from IR 5551 (Survey of the Discipline), or from a standard I.R. Theory text (e.g. Realism, Liberalism, Constructivism, neo-Marxism, or Feminism, or some combination of these). What logic, if any, do you detect in the formulation of this foreign policy, from the Latin American perspective? Do you see example of a particular “security culture” for that particular state? Does the policy show independence from the United States? Whose interests are served? How well or poorly has the policy been implemented? You may find the bibliographies in our texts, especially the Gardini and Lambert text, to be a useful starting resource as you delve further into your topic. As in Paper 1, however, make sure that you go beyond the foreign-policy cases and analysis that are in our textbooks, and be sure to clearly cite borrowed material, using standard form of citation at the place where the borrowing occurs, again using the Chicago style.


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