Comparative Research Paper

15. Comparative Research Paper

Using the topic which the instructor approved, write a 2 – 3 page research paper comparing and contrasting those cases. Type research paper into an MS Word document (I will not accept assignments turned in as anything other than an MS Word document). Save it and name it with your last name, first name and Assignment03 (e.g. JohnsonAprilAssignment03) and turn it in via this assignment page.
Detailed requirements for the research paper:
Compare and contrast the cases you have chosen. (Discuss the similarities and differences.)
Use MLA formatting
Do in-text citations for things you quote or paraphrase directly from the cases (things that are not your ideas).
Be sure to include a separate Works Cited page with MLA formatted citations (This page does not count as one of your 2 – 3 pages.)
Please use the resources below for more information, and I chose the disabled people’s problem on working area.

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