Compare and Contrast

66. Compare and Contrast

Analyze diegetic and/or nondiegetic sound in two of the following: North by Northwest, The Fisher King, Jurassic Park, Lost in Translation, Moulin Rouge, One Week. DO NOT CHOOSE BOTH The Fisher King and Jurassic Park for this question. You may choose one but you must compare the film with one of the other films in the list above. You may discuss just diegetic sound or just nondiegetic sound or both. Do not simply restrict your analysis of sound to music, however.
These papers must be 1200 words (not counting the works cited section). Please include a title (include some reference to the films) and add a WORD COUNT at the end of the paper (before the works cited) and double space your paper. Use a 12 point font. Review the essay checklist as well. You must use the MLA format for research papers (correct format for quotations, works cited, parenthetical references with page numbers, etc.) and adhere to Canadian standards for grammar and spelling (e.g. ?colour? unless you are quoting the word). Make sure to list the films in your works cited and your textbook (if you paraphrase or quote content) as well. Please staple the pages of your paper together, include page numbers on the essay

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