Compare and Contrast Andre Dubus Killings and Faulkners A Rose for Emily

4-6 pages, typed and double-spaced, 12 pt font, reasonable margins.
When quoting texts, cite author and page numbers in parentheses. Works cited page required.
No cover pages, please.
For your final paper, you’ll get a chance to demonstrate all the skills that you have learned throughout the semester.
Choose any work we have read so far this semester and write an essay that compares/contrasts it to one other work not on our syllabus. This means that you will need to do some research to find an appropriate literary work to connect to the first one. You may choose to read a text by the same author, or from the same time period, on the same subject matter, or with similar formal details. It is up to you.
I expect you to employ literary terminology in your analysis. Make sure that you consult the glossary of literary terms in our textbook so that when you use a term in your paper, you are using it correctly. So, for example, if you want to write about “tone,” read up on the term in the back of the book, in the chapter section on tone, and, if possible, in an outside source.
Additionally, it may be helpful for you to choose a critical approach to guide your analysis and to aid you in deciding what detail of the texts you want to focus on.
For research purposes, you can use critical essays about your chosen works, historical essays, essays about aspects of literary form—anything that you think will make your paper stronger. Please quote from and cite all outside sources as noted above. I am not requiring a certain number of sources, although you should use them as needed to help develop your analysis.

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