Comparison-Contrast Essay


PROMPT:  Comparison – Contrast
Individuals often make choices based upon comparative judgments of two or more things in an attempt to determine which is superior.  Whether one is choosing a supermarket or a bank, a computer or a car, some means of evaluation is established that allows one to make the best and most appropriate choice.  Such evaluations rely on observable data and allow, hopefully, for a clear and justifiable bias to be determined.
Write an essay in which you select two things to compare in order to determine which is better.  Follow either the Categorical or Topical approach in asserting and supporting your bias.  Remember to keep your objective sections purely objective and to establish and argue your bias only in the subjective sections.
• Choose two streets, buildings, parks, venues or establishments in the city in which you live.  Make certain that these things have a viable basis for comparison and do not have grossly apparent differences.
• Establish precise “categories for comparison” to guide your evaluation.
• Demonstrate a clear and justifiable bias, arguing why you believe this bias to be valid.

Your Comparison-Contrast essay is to be based upon your approved topic and the prompt provided in the Course Documents Forum during Week Seven. Remember to use either the Topical or the Categorical outline to organize your essay and make certain to focus on writing precise Objective and Subjective paragraphs in an effort to effectively argue your Bias.
Here are some guidelines and reminders for your essay. Please read each one carefully and make note of all requirements and recommendations:
–Your essay must be 4-5 typed pages (please refer to previously posted guidelines for page limits).
–Essays are always typed in accordance with MLA requirements (i.e. Times New Roman, 12 point, double-spaced, one inch margins, heading in the upper left of page one).
–Write your essay in third person.
–Keep in mind that you must precisely follow one of the prescribed outlines.
–Make certain to provide “just the facts” in your Objective sections. Argue in your Subjective sections
REMINDER: NO RESEARCH. I know that it is tempting to pursue some research while working on your Comparison-Contrast paper, but DON’T DO IT! Any research incorporated into your essay is GROUNDS FOR FAILURE and may result in an assessment of PLAGIARISM. Your information regarding your topics for comparison must be observational–not reasearch derived.

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