Complete the Proposal

Annotated Bibliography: it will include the same references that in references list but like this: Reference details(summary of the book(1sentence) For example: what you used the book for ,quality of the book \author Risk: Every thing that could go wrong with the project Aspect of project risk How you will avoid the problem tow newspaper publish in tow language Compare between tow newspaper in tow languages The researcher is lingual so she can do it Culture is different News are affected by tow different culture The researcher have a good understanding of both culture The sell the newspaper in tow countries very faraway for each other The study have to be in hard copy news papers The researcher will travel to Saudi Arabia and buy the newspaper also will give money to someone in Australia to buy it for her Need to buy 4 newspapers in each country in 14 days It will cost money Researcher can pay for these news to do her research

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