The following are strict directions for this Literary Analysis Essay:

E.M. Forster once said “A work of literature must provide more than factual accuracy or vivid physical reality. It must tell us more than we already know.”

In your essay, the first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to interpret the statement with regard to literature. Next, put the quotation into your own words, and then you’re going to explain how it applies to literature. The next thing you need to do is you need to agree or disagree with the statement as you’ve interpreted it. And then the final thing you’re going to do is you’re going to support your position with specific details and references to literary devices.

You may use one or two works of literature. Please be sure that you are familiar with your choice(s). An outline is required. When creating your outline, use numbers to indicate your paragraphs. First, label your introduction and write out your thesis statement. Remember, the purpose of your introduction is to set up your thesis statement. Then you want to divide your body paragraphs using a system of letters and numbers. Make sure that you actually write out your complete body paragraph topic sentences. This will help you choose those important details that you want to include under each of those paragraphs.

Of course, you will need a works cited page. This must be formatted correctly, MLA style.

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