Concert Report

1. You must attend one classical concert and submit one report during the course.

2. The concerts must be selected from the genres listed below.

Symphony, ensemble, solo recital, opera, operetta, musical theater, choral music, ballet,

3. The concert reports must contain the following,

a) Summary of composer’s background (nationality, musical period, famous works, etc.)
(some concerts might be a whole work by one composer, others might be of several
Composers. If there are several composers, choose the composer and the work you
Like the most.)

b) Background information of the composition
(genre, date of premiere, commissioner.. etc.)

c) Information of the performer(s) (conductor, group etc)

d) Your experience at the performance
(something that you have discovered new…names of instruments, stage settings, performers, sound effects, any mistakes???? Etc)

4. You must submit the original program (brochure) or tickets in PDF or JPEG form.
(If you attend a concert at the Miller Outdoor Theater, there will be no brochures or tickets
available. Please take a picture of yourself at the performance and attach it to your paper.)

5. Font size: 12, double spaced, times new roman. No less than 3 pages.

6. Proper citation in Chicago manual style is mandatory.



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