Confession of Tempel Anneke


To analyze and rewrite the confession of Tempel Anneke

I. Confessions Under Torture
a. Folio 28 – Answers to University of Jena Questions
i. Tempel Anneke answers all of the questions asked about the accusations being made against her under torture.
ii. She provides answers which the council would find to be a confession.
II. Confessions Without Torture
a. Folio 41 – “Voluntary” Confession
i. The interrogators are provided with the questions to ask Tempel Anneke
ii. The goal is to obtain a confession from her without the application of torture.
b. Folio 42 – Confession from the University of Jena
i. Discusses everything Anneke has confessed to
ii. If this confession matches the confession she will give in front of the supreme capital, she will be sentenced to death by fire.
c. Confession Answers
i. Tempel Anneke sticks to her original answers and confesses to the accusations being put on her.
ii. Anneke answers “yes” to all of their questions, giving the council what they want to hear.

>The Trial of Tempel Anneke Edited by Peter A Morton and Translated by Barbara Dahms
>Witchcraft in Europe 400-1700 (2nd ed) by Kors and Peters
>The Witch-Hunt in Early Modern (3rd ed) Europe by Brian P. Levack
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