Configuring IP Settings- Connecting To A Network


Prepare an initial researched and cited discussion response early in the week about the topic you choose and follow with at least two researched and cited replies to other class members or your instructor. Please provide complete, well designed and substantive (150 words or more) responses in the discussion. Research and APA references are necessary for every post. Wikipedia is not an acceptable resource, nor is your textbook. The purpose of the discussion is to go BEYOND the material covered in the text.
Post a minimum of three (3) meaningful, researched and cited contributions each week. When there are high-quality posts submitted in the discussion, then, there is a better chance for a high-quality grade. Any minimum work deserves a minimum reward.
The 5×4 grading rubric …
[5 Performance Levels: Incompetent (60%), Novice (70%), Pertinent (80%), Efficient (90%), Proficient (100%)] …
[4 Criteria Areas: Content, Required Format, Grammar/Spelling, References with each area having 25% effective value]
Avoid Creating new threads, Why?
When we create new threads, we introduce the possibility that someone could miss what we have to say because they have to leave one discussion to move to another just to see what is going on in that thread. Because most prefer to respond to another’s comment, keeping all comments in one discussion thread works best for sharing our knowledge.
Keep in mind — One should not expect a maximum grade for minimum work effort.
Also please note: I do not like the repetition of information. Once a classmate has posted information on a topic, do not repeat that information. You must choose a different topic or supply NEW information on that particular topic. Failure to follow this will result in your post not counting for that week

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