Conservation Agriculture adoption in Paraguay

82. Conservation Agriculture adoption in Paraguay


Please read this guidelines and TOR to be able to understand what exactly is required for this project.
The following files were used to write the essay (document 2-2)
Document 1-1, Document 3-3, Document 4-4, and Document 5-5
After reading this document 1-1, you should be able to understand the concept of the essay.
What needs to be done?
• Edit document 2-2 and fix the poor grammar, typos, structure, and format and bring it to standard.
• Using the resources provided, write a 250 word Abstract for documents 2-2
• Using the same resources/attached files, write 1, 850 words Conclusion and Recommendation based on the TOR guidelines
Don’t forget to use the seven factors of Development Approach document 4-4.
Assessment of Conservation Agriculture (CA) adoption in Paraguay
Evaluation Exercise: Terms of Reference (ToRs)
Using the guidelines provided and based on the material contained specifically in the documents on Conservation Agriculture adoption in Paraguay and any other material that may become available or deemed relevant for the exercise (see website, undertake an analysis of factors that led to successful adoption of CA in case study # 37 as follows:
(i) Assess the conceptual and scientific basis of CA and evaluate the advantages it offers compared to conventional tillage-based agriculture;
(ii) Assess the relevance and feasibility of promoting CA in Paraguay with smallholder farmers, using the seven sets of factors of development as criteria for your assessment of relevance and feasibility;
(iii) Again using the seven sets of factors of development, assess the strategy that has been deployed to facilitate the adoption of CA by the household case selected by the team, including organizational and management (excluding budget) aspects for the implementation of the strategy; and
(iv) Analyse impacts on (Chapter 9) and lessons learnt (chapter 10) and factors of success and failure (Chapter 11) through the ‘lens’ of the seven sets of factors of development to discuss the success of the implemented strategy for the selected case.
Besides writing up the results of your assessment of the above four topic areas, the assessment report should also cover:
(i) The evaluation approach and process used by for the management of the exercise (to be described at the beginning of the report);
(ii) A short description of the case study #37 of chapter 10, and how CA is included;
(iii) A short description of the seven sets of factors of development used as assessment criteria; (seven sets of factors document is attached separately)
(iv) The recommendations for: government policy and institutions, specifically universities, research and extension, and the private sector (to be described at the end of the report).

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