Constitution – The Mandate that Individuals buy Health Insurance.

Instructions This assignment represents 20% of your final grade. If your paper is not turned in on time, you will receive a zero for this assignment. Paper Instructions: 1 Select a side of the debate that interests you from the attached document from Rourke, You Decide! Current Debates in American Government Politics reader. 2 Read both sides of the debate so that you have a basic understanding of the opposing viewpoints on the issue. In your paper, you will need to write about the major points of your side’s argument as well as debunk the major points of the other side. 3 Chose which side of the debate you want to defend. (I would like to defund that The Health Care Act is Unconstitutional) 4 The last page of the debate in the Rourke reader, there are sections titled “What’s New” and “Where to Find More.” The former provides information on what has happened on the issue since the “debate” took place. The latter provides sites that are the starting points for your research. 5 Your assignment is to write a four – seven page paper, exclusive of a bibliography and MLA citations, footnotes or endnotes, which explains and supports the side of the debate you have chosen. It must be double spaced with normal margins, using a normal size font. It must be computer generated. I will not read handwritten or single-spaced papers. 6 I am interested in papers that display careful research and critical thinking. 7 Your bibliography should contain at least five sources in addition to those considered “suggested starting points” by Rourke in the “Where to Find More” section after each debate. I prefer that you use books, periodicals and academic journals. You may also use news magazines, newspapers, and the web. In addition, when using the web, you should evaluate the material you find in order to determine the possible bias of the author of the site. To do so, determine who is publishing the web site that you are using. Do not use Wikipedia as it is not written by academically credentialed people. 8 If you chose to do so, you may submit a partial draft of your paper ( 1 – 2 pages) at the beginning of class no later than Tuesday, April 1st. I will look it over and return it to you withcorrections/comments geared to helping you. There will be no points deducted if you do not

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