Construction Law and Procurement

Construction Law and Procurement


Coursework 4: Briefing paper




The task is to develop a briefing paper on a topic which reflects best practice in construction procurement. To select a topic you are required to watch the film ‘Procurement and Integration’ (Vidalakis, 2011) which is available on moodle (see folder ‘Your Coursework’, subfolder: ‘Further resources CW4’). You can download and watch the video using VLC or QuickTime Player, or on YouTube by following the link:

The film is accompanied by a list of resources to facilitate a better understanding of the main areas discussed. This list can be found in Appendix A of this document. However, it cannot cover all the possible topics and therefore, you are strongly encouraged to undertake further reading and research in accordance with your area of interest. You may choose any area, subject or issue that is discussed in the film. It is also acceptable to develop your briefing paper based on a quote from any of the film participants. There is a requirement however, that the paper is related to construction procurement. Please note, that the selection of a topic is crucial and can have a significant effect on the quality of your work. Therefore, it would be very useful to discuss your topic with the module leader. To do this, you can email him your thoughts on a potential topic, or a short (100-150 words) summary of your proposed briefing paper.



Size of submission


The briefing paper should not exceed 1300 words excluding appendices and references.



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Appendix A


Indicative reading list

Please note that the list is not exhaustive and cannot cover all the possible topics. You are strongly recommended to undertake further reading and research depending on your chosen topic. The vast majority of the items listed below are industry reports and guidance; however, case studies, books and other resources available to you can be particularly helpful.



General Links


  1. CCG – Client Commitments Final_May-2014.pdf



  1. Business Justification


  1. Designing Buildings Wiki – Business case for construction projects
  2. Designing Buildings Wiki – Feasibility studies for construction projects
  3. OGC – Successful Delivery Pocketbook



  1. Procurement Paths


  1. CIPFA and Constructing Excellence – The Business Case for Lowest Price Tendering? price-tendering-May-2011.pdf

  1. Constructing Excellence Fact sheet – Partnering
  2. Constructing Excellence Fact sheet – Procurement strategies
  3. OGC – Achieving Excellence Guide 2: Project Organisation



  1. OGC – Achieving Excellence Guide 6: Procurement and Contract Strategies




  1. Sustainable Construction


  1. Centre for Construction Innovation – Sustainability Reporting: A Step-by-step Approach to

Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. DEFRA – Sustainable Procurement in Government: Guidance to the Flexible Framework



  1. OGC – Achieving Excellence Guide 11: Sustainability


  1. Constructing Excellence – Plain English guide to Sustainable Construction



Procurement Stages


  1. Constructing Excellence Fact sheet – Briefing
  2. OGC – Achieving Excellence Guide 3: Project Procurement Lifecycle (The OGC Gateway Process)



  1. RIBA – Procurement policy: Building teams achieving value
  2. RIBA Outline Plan of Works
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  1. Managing Risk and Measuring Performance


  1. Constructing Excellence – KPIs and Benchmarking
  2. Constructing Excellence – UK Construction Consultants KPIs Handbook KEwii3KndnZLTAhUsJcAKHXD-



83109284ecf1577e&usg=AFQjCNGYPXUiFWpOmB7qoupDPM_m2dWXiQ&sig2=9Qeh35- xEeNAnSsN9s1fcw

  1. NEC3 – OGC fair payment practices for use with NEC Contracts payment-practices-for-NEC3-Contracts.pdf.aspx
  2. OGC – Achieving Excellence Guide 4: Risk and value management



  1. OGC – Guide to Best ‘Fair Payment’ Practices