consumer behavior

There are 20 multiple choice questions (3 points each) and two essay questions (20 points each).There are 20 multiple choice questions (3 points each) and two essay questions (20 points each).
Use the answer sheet below to respond to the multiple choice questions.

Answer Sheet Question Answer Number Letter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Multiple choice questions

1.  Insurance purchases, which require consumers to meet with different agents to collect information about individual policies, are best thought of as an example ofa. subjective knowledge affecting the ability to process information.b. information format affecting the opportunity to process information.c. the objective knowledge affecting the ability to process information.d. perceived risk affecting involvement.e. objective criteria affecting the perception of brands.

2.  A consumer compares Apple and Compaq and finds that they tie on the most important attribute of “fun.” She then moves on to graphics and selects Apple because it is ranked higher. This is an example of a(n) ____ model.a. subjunctiveb. orderedc. conjunctived. importancee. lexicographic

3.  A recent ad portrayed a customer switching his video store membership as if it were the breakup of a relationship. This attempt at humor is likely toa. decrease motivation.b. increase counterarguing.c. increase source derogations.d. increase attention.e. decrease the use of peripheral cues.

4.  Suppose you purchased an automobile that was a lemon. It required constant repair. This experience may still color your judgment of the quality of the brand even though the brand has few breakdowns today. This is an example of how ____ is more likely to be recalled and thus, influence judgments.a. representative knowledgeb. base-rate informationc. accessible informationd. attribute-based linkagee. affective habit

5Brand-based compensatory models are helpful at providing guidance to marketers about all of the following excepta. which product or service might be below a cutoff and thus be rejected frequently by customers.b. identifying which alternatives may be chosen.c. which outcomes associated with the product need to be reinforced.d. identifying which alternatives may be rejected.e. which outcomes associated with the product need to be changed.

6.  Kimberly was really excited and happy about her purchase of a Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner. She couldn’t wait until her husband came home to see the living room carpet and show him the dirt she was able to extract from the carpet. Kimberly felt so proud of her purchase because it represented her ability to take care of her family. This is best thought of as an example ofa. cognitive involvement.b. affective involvement.c. cognitive agitation.d. affective elaboration.e. elaborative cognition.

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7.  Tara sees an ad for quick weight loss. She has been thinking about losing some weight before her cousin’s birthday party. Some research indicates that she may want to believe the ad because she wants it to be true, so she convinces herself that the product will work. This type of information processing is calleda. motivated reasoning.b. felt involvement.c. image-based reasoning.d. enduring involvement.e. fad reasoning.

8.  When people think of “fast food with good value,” they think of burger chains such as McDonald’s or Wendy’s. This is best thought of as an example of ____ increasing recall.a. affectb. a goalc. an attituded. a salient attributee. a support argument

9.  Although we might have separate schemas for Coke, Pepsi, Diet Coke, and so on, these schemas might be clustered in one category because they are all soft drinks. This is an example of a(n)a. taxonomic category.b. object script.c. product schema.d. object schema.e. category script.

10.  Sally was leading a project to put billboards by the side of the highway that would advertise the logo for a new brand of soda. She believed that drivers might not stop to read the information directly, but that the information would make some impact. This impact would be througha. recall. b. retrieval.c. preattentive processing.d. postattentive processing.e. lateral retrieval.

11.  You know that when you enter a fancy, expensive restaurant that you wait to be seated, speak in a quiet voice, and leave a tip. These are all parts of your ____ for fine dining.a. schemab. brand imagec. salient behaviord. scripte. graded structure

12.  Advertising can play a central role in influencing performance evaluations bya. setting up expectations of reinforcement.b. increasing the number of source derogations for a brand.c. increasing the processing of positive cognitions about the product.d. aiding in the retrieval of overall brand evaluations for decision making.e. increasing the number of support arguments for a brand.

13.  What is the best way to attract the brand loyal customers of a competing brand?a. discount couponsb. special promotions such as contests and sweepstakesc. a frequency program where every 12th item purchased is freed. shapinge. It is usually better to avoid marketing to these consumers as they are already strongly committed to the competitor’s brand.


14.  David was reluctant to spend his $20 bill on a coffee. However, once he made another necessary purchase with that $20, he quickly bought a coffee with his change. David’s initial reluctance was probably due to the perceptual organizational principle ofa. closure. b. figure and ground.c. grouping.d. bias for the whole.e. subliminal perception.

15.  When a consumer has limited MAO to process marketing communications, he/she will still form attitudes through thea. central route to persuasion.b. peripheral route to persuasion.c. inferential route to persuasion.d. myopic inferences.e. subliminal persuasion.

16.  For many years Excedrin has developed marketing communications that stress how effective it is as a headache medicine. What type of marketing strategy is Excedrin using?a. co-brandingb. product placementc. product positioningd. brand extensione. perceptual mapping

17.  According to the ____, a marketing communication such as an ad discouraging consumers from drinking and driving, that depicts a fatal consequence of the behavior may be ineffective at changing consumers’ attitudes or behavior.a. Cognitive Response Theoryb. Theory of Reasoned Actionc. Theory of Planned Behaviord. Terror Management Theorye. Elaboration Likelihood Model

18.  Disposable cameras were a flop at first. Consumers doubted that they could take good pictures. When disposable cameras were repositioned “for those who forgot their camera on vacation” or “for those who do not want to ruin their expensive camera on the beach or slopes” sales increased. This could be best thought of as a successful example of marketers understandinga. how consumers dispose of cameras.b. why consumers acquire cameras.c. media marketing techniques.d. the limits of disposable optical engineering.e. the information search process.

19.  Burger King used songs from the 60s and 70s in their ads to evoke a positive response in baby boomer consumers. The music could act as a(n) ____ in classical conditioning to create a good feeling toward Burger King.a. conditioned stimulusb. unconditioned stimulusc. conditioned responsed. unconditioned responsee. positive reinforcement

20.  David was very involved with watching the World Series, therefore when an ad for the Toyota Camry aired during the game, that likely ____ to the ad.a. generated fewer cognitive responsesb. generated more counterarguments and fewer support argumentsc. generated more support arguments and counterargumentsd. generated more source derogationse. generated more support arguments and fewer counterarguments.

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Essay questions

21.  Elizabeth is developing marketing strategy for a brand of men’s clothing. Before she develops her strategy, Elizabeth will conduct research to better understand her customers.  Describe some of the key factors related to consumer behavior that she should consider in her research.  Explain why these concepts are relevant.  (20 points)

22.  Phillip is the brand manager for a brand of paper towels and knows that consumers’ involvement with this product is low.  Name and describe three approaches he might use that are appropriate for this situation.  For each approach provide an example of how Phillip can use it influence consumers to purchase his brand.  (20 points)

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