Consumption Goods and Capital Goods

Final goods can be categorized into two parts:
Consumption goods may refer to any good which satisfies consumer wants. For instance: biscuits, bread, jam, butter etc.
The consumer goods can be split into two categories:
Durable Goods: These are those goods which can be used over and over again by the consumer for a long period of time. For example: a piece of furniture is not changed on regular basis and is used for usually more than a year.
Semi-Durable Goods:These are those goods which can be used for only for a limited period of time. For instance: clothes purchased in a year usually have a life of less than a year are semi durable goods.
Nondurable Goods: These are the goods which are used up in consumption for a single time. They tend to lose their identity of consumption as soon as they are consumed. For instance: milk, fruits etc.

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