Contemporary Non-traditional Photography

106. Contemporary Non-traditional Photography

Photo 230 – Personal Museum Project
Your major project for this quarter will be to build a “personal museum,” based on some of the topics presented in class. You will choose photographs that you feel exemplify each of six major stylistic periods or functions in the history of photography. You will need to do research, both in the library and on the internet, to find and learn about these images.
Based on what we have discussed in class, I want you to do some research and find photographs that definitively illustrate the given period/function. Please do not use images that were shown in class, or from the textbook. Though there is a great deal of information on the internet, you are required to also use the library collection. For each chosen image, you will prepare a short paper explaining why the selected photograph(s) illustrate the given theme.
Each paper should be 350-400 words, saved as a Word doc, and be organized as follows. Please be sure to follow this structure carefully, and include all required elements.
1. your name, the topic of the paper, the photographer, the title of the photograph and the date it was created at the top of the page.
2. an introductory paragraph, including a thesis statement defining and describing the specific style, movement or function in question, including the dominant defining characteristics.
3. a paragraph carefully describing the chosen image. This description should include information about the subject matter, the composition and design, the lighting, the tonal range, the materials used, etc, as well as information about the artist, title, date and other relevant details.
4. a paragraph which is a thorough discussion of why the visual style, material choices and other elements in your chosen image exemplifies the style, movement or function in question. This may include cultural, political, social, scientific or other factors that are relevant.
• this should include your own thoughts about the work, as well as material that
you have found in your research.
5. a closing paragraph, summarizing the paper.
6. a jpeg version of your image.
• an image of approximately 4X5” at a resolution of 72 dpi is best
• this image should be embedded in the Word document
7. a bibliography of works consulted or cited
• Use a minimum of 3 sources for each paper.
• The sources must be relevant to the topic you are discussing.
• No more than 1 of these sources may be from the internet.
• The webpage where you find your image does not count as a source unless
there is also an article with it.
• Do not use the text book, or any “encyclopedia” or “dictionary” as a source.
• Do not use “un-edited” sites such as Wikipedia and Flickr.
• Do not quote me, or use my lecture notes as a source.
• The bibliography should be on a separate page, and does not count towards
the total word count
• Please use the books in the library, rather than checking them out, so
that everyone has access.
1. Go to the Personal Museum Papers Module.
2. Select the link for the current paper topic. Read the instructions for any further details.
3. Click on the Submit Assignment button at the right.
4. Upload your Word Doc.
5. Click Submit Assignment.
Each paper is worth 100 points. Your lowest score will be dropped.
This project will be worth a total of 500 points.
The specific due dates for each paper will be posted as topics are discussed in class, typically a week after the relevant material is covered. Late papers will not be accepted.
Please submit your paper as a Word document. If you do not have Microsoft Word at home, you can use a computer lab on campus to format the file.
The whole paper (body of paper, image file and bibliography) should all be part of a single document.
Please be sure that your last name & the topic is in the document title.
ie: felsenthal_calotype.doc
I will be looking at your word count. Please don’t exceed 400 words!
Because my teacher said I CANNOT USE image from book and leture, so please send the picture before the writer is going to write. Please sent me as soon as possible, then I can check with my teacher that my picture is useable. Thank you!!
My homework is this:
Contemporary “Non-traditional” Photography
Choose one photograph that exemplifies one of the current trends in “non-traditional” photography, such as Mixed Media, Sculptural, Installation, or Constructed Reality. Be sure to discuss both the conceptual and technical elements that make this work different from most photography, and discuss how your chosen image exemplifies them. The photo can be from any year after 1985, and should be by a well-known, established artist.

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