Conversational style

104. Conversational style

Write a supported argument after reading the chapter which I send to you. Evaluating each article from this chapter. The overall point of your essay is to decide, of the concepts you explored, if the writer is correct in her assessment and how people truly communicate and the issues they come across during that communication.
In your essay, you need to explore 4 Tannen’s concepts in detail (I already chose and send the picture to you). Concepts are generally marked as italicized subheadings within chapters.
You have a lot of information that you may include in your discussion of each concept, including Tannen’s definition of the concept, Tannen’s dialogue example,a personal example of your own. Overall however, your discussion of each concept should yield for the reader a clear understanding about how you feel about the validity of each of Tannen’s concepts you investigate. Your own example will either echo Tannen’s views, or refute them. It is okay to agree with some of the concepts you explore and not others– your thesis will then just state the difference.
Essay Specific:
* Have an introduction and an argumentative thesis that reveals whether you agree with Tannen’s proposed concepts or not.
* Include detailed observations or examples that either agree or refute with Tannen.
* A conclusion

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