Copyright, online music – In Canada

77. Copyright, online music – In Canada


pick any case related to Copyright, online music – In Canada. or relative the case of Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada v. Bell Canada.
Your case brief will include the following:
1. Citation: Proper case citation for your case (see McGill Guide for citation format).
2. Facts: Summary of the relevant facts of the case (what happened that lead to the case being brought to court)
3. Issues: Summary of the key issue(s) of the case (the questions before the court which require a decision)
4. Decision: Finding of the Court
5. Ratio Decidendi: “Reasons for deciding”
6. Ratio: Legal rules that arises from the case
Case briefs are not to exceed 2 pages (not including title page) double spaced Times New Roman 12 point font.
Please remember case brief is meant to be brief! You need only convey the main facts, issues, decision, ratio decidendi and ratio of the case for this brief. I am not expecting you to provide an analysis of the decision itself, which you will do in your final paper.
Be Aware!
It is the expectation of this course that you will have read your case and will not be relying on secondary sources to write your brief. There are numerous sources online that contain legal case briefs.

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