Creating a Solution

14. Creating a Solution

This assignment focuses on defining what would constitute an effective solution. In the next unit, you will create a plan to achieve that solution. Part of your solution may address the particular case you worked with, and part of it may address more general policies or procedures that, as a result of your experience in this process, you believe need to be changed. For this assignment, imagine that you served on the multidisciplinary team of professionals in Riverbend City, working with the case of Sheldon Greenberg and his family.
Write a 1,250-word paper in which you accomplish the following:
Explain what you learned as a result of the collaborative efforts, including the following:
Specific needs identified, and your assessment of the priorities of those needs.
End results expected, or objectives to be achieved by an effective solution.
Describe how your multidisciplinary team worked through each of the steps in the multidisciplinary approach.
Key steps taken and the results of each.
Issues or concerns encountered and how they are addressed in your solution.
Summarize the critical elements of the solution. Point out any aspects of the solution that might not have been identified without a multidisciplinary collaboration and explain your thinking.
Refer to the articles you identified in Unit 7 Discussion 2, focusing on crafting a collaborative solution. Explain how and where your approach with your team utilized ideas and approaches from these articles.

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