Creative writing

evaluate a restaurant of your choice


Thesis: If you want to have satisfy plan for evening, you should dine out in La Tavola Trattoria in Atlanta because of its antique atmosphere, great service, and good quality and tasty food.

1.atmosphere of the interior and exterior

a.traditional Italian style ambience interior
b.patio- like a garden that makes harmony with nature
c.classic music
2. service

a. friendly staffs

b. rapid order processing

c. the restaurant is heated next to the seat in patio

3. food

a.variety of traditional Italian foods
b. different kinds of drinks and meals
c. high cost effectiveness meals


conclusion: the restaurant provides European style ambience, comfortable resting place or enjoyable place to eat and personal taste preference food with affordable prices. Therefore, I am sure that you would want to visit the restaurant again and you strongly recommend the restaurant.


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