Criminal Justice stats Midterm

117. Criminal Justice stats Midterm

Note that this is a Multiple Choice Time framed order. You can use provided login and password only once (!) and if the test is not completed during given time frame and during 1st attempt it will be considered as failed. To prevent any issues for both client and writer we have applied some rules toward such order types:
This is about chapter 1-6 I will submit the practice with the answers as an attach. This is due Sunday the 16th before at 10Pm mountain time.
Book Title:Fox, James Alan, Jack Levin and David R. Forde. Elementary Statistics in Criminal Justice Research, 4th edition. ISBN 978-0-13-298730-
Login instructions:go to this website
login: habimanh
Password: Uwineza17*
Once logged in, look up on the top right corner on the "To Do List" Click on "Take Midterm"
Once you begin the midterm, you will have 90 minutes to complete it. As with the quiz, you may utilize your notes and textbook but not your classmates or other people. For the multiple choice questions that I include in the midterm, I provide a space for you to explain or clarify your responses if you choose to do so. For incorrect questions, I will take these explanations into account and, possibly, award partial credit. For other responses, be sure you show enough of your work that I can distinguish between a simple miscalculation and a completely wrong answer. Simple miscalculations will only result in a small deduction rather than missing the entire problem


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