Critical Analysis and Writing Skills


Consider the application of Hohfeld’s rights analysis to at least two substantive legal texts found on Summon, Westlaw or Lexis.

When writing your report you should:1. Be aware of the rules concerning plagiarism.2. Follow the referencing guidelines.3. Follow presentation guidelines.4. Avoid pure description and unsupported opinions.5. Avoid generalisation. Aim to apply terms and concepts accurately.6. Demonstrate that you have done some relevant reading.7. Demonstrate critical engagement with the reading that you do.8. Ensure that your work is of the required length.9. Proof-read your work.


Assessment criteria:
Grade Classification Mark CriteriaA High Distinction 70-100% A well written answer which demonstrates analytical ability and awareness of wider context. Depth of engagement with relevant and authoritative sources. Consistently accurate referencing. Shows lawyerly potential in management of material.B Distinction 60-69% A well written answer which deals with points in a logical and coherent manner. Engagement with relevant and authoritative sources. Accurate referencing. Examples used to support points made.C Pass 50-59% A competent answer which displays a grasp of the subject and includes relevant material. Engagement with relevant sources. Could go into greater depth and/or there are a few inaccuracies or omissions.F Fail 0-49% Does not fulfil the requirements for a pass. Displays insufficient grasp of the subject and/or insufficient ability in English academic writing. Research and/or referencing are not satisfactory.


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