Critically Review

Critically review either a fashion exhibition at a major museum or a fashion show of such designers as Balenciaga,Saint Laurent,Roberto Capucci,Hussein Chalayan, etc.. Important Criteria (!) : 1. Demonstrate an ability to undertake research and in this case, research will not consist only on using secondary sources (Google, books, articles) but also primary sources, e.g. the visual material. 2. Show an ability to write an intelligent, witty piece of journalism, using the specific ‘in-house’ style of the publication they choose to write for (e.g. The Guardian, The Financial Times, Vogue, Vanity Fair…) 3. Show familiarity with content and concepts presented in lectures and workshops. Demonstrate an awareness of museum collections and exhibitions, both current and forthcoming. ‘Field’ research is here essential and must become part of the process of learning and research. Essential Reading: Harold Koda and Andrew Bolton (eds): Poiret, Yale University Press, 2007 Pamela Golbin (ed) Balenciaga, Paris, Les Arts Décoratifs, Thames and Hudson, 2007 Paul Morand: The Allure of Chanel, Pushkin Press, 2008 Dilys E. Blum: Roberto Capucci (Art into Fashion): Yale University Press, 2011 Recommended Reading: Guy Debord Society of Spectacle, Zone Books, London 1994 (first published 1967) Nancy Troy: Couture Culture (A Study in Modern Art and Fashion) MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass, 2003 Nicola Whiter and Jan Griffiths (eds) The Fashion Business: Theory, Practice, Image, Berg, 2000 Skin and Bones (Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture) Brooke Hodge, Patricia Mears and Susan Sidlauskas, Thames and Hudson, 2006

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