Cultural and Ethnic Studies


Reading: “Worldview: Cultural Explanations of Life and Death”

(pp 120-171 in Communication between cultures)


1.What do you believe happens to people after they die? Where does your belief come from, and how might it be different if you had been born somewhere else?
2.The book says that perception is constant (chapter 6). What do you think it would take for someone to change your belief about what happens after death? Would it be easy for someone to change that belief, or impossible?
3.The book divides worldview into three sections: religion, secular humanism, and spirituality. What are the differences between those three worldviews? And do you agree with the differences?
4.How are religious views linked to a culture’s lifestyle?
5.What common set of ethics can you identify rom the six religious traditions discussed in the chapter?
6.How are economics and politics influenced by religion?
7.How do religions try to help their members find a peaceful existence.

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